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Hermione Granger [potions]

Fic: One-shot

Just a drabble I wrote. One-shot, Anakin and Ahsoka friendship. Post what happened on Mortis.

"You're getting ahead of yourself, aren't you, Snips?"

"Don't call me that! I hate it when you call me that!"

She found him in the hangar bay, making repairs to his starfighter. It wasn't as if the ship actually needed repairs. He was just looking for something to do to pass the time.

She took a deep breath and headed towards him. When she reached her master, she cleared her throat.

Anakin looked up in surprise.

"Yeah, Snips?"

She sat down next to him. "I didn't mean it," she said in a low voice, "what I said. I didn't mean it."

Anakin looked at his young apprentice with confusion. What was she talking about?


"What I said on Mortis. When I said I hate it when you call me Snips." Her voice was starting to break, "I'm sorry, Master."

Anakin sighed and put his arm around his Padawan's shoulders.

"I know, Snips. I know."


I really liked this - Anakin never thought she meant what she said, and maybe in the back of her mind she did, but she values being his Padawan too much and... yeah.
Thank you! Ever since that episode, I've always wondered what could have happened between the two after that comment.
She really points out some uncomfortable truths - or at least partial truths. I get the feeling they would both kind of avoid it if at all possible.
Hermione Granger [potions]

September 2011

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